New Write-back extension: Manipulate data directly in Tableau

A digital platform to manage
your data entry workflows

TypeIt seamlessly integrates with your existing BI stack and makes data entry tasks a breeze.


Organize important data in one place

TypeIt helps you get rid of complicated spreadsheets and move to a platform that
lets you enter, store and utilize your data securily.

Tool and configuration

Fully flexible and
no coding required

Our online interface is designed for all users, regardless of technical proficiency. This allows you to start building your data entry solution within few minutes.

The TypeIt form builder will provide full flexibility to define your data collections, as well as easy access management and data input validation to ensure the best possible data quality.

Prebuilt integrations

Process and analyse your data in your favorite tools using our prebuilt integrations and the TypeIt API.


Store and manage your data in our secure cloud or install TypeIt on-prem.

Change monitoring

All modifications to your data are recorded in the changelog. Revert changes with a single click.

Import / export

The TypeIt API makes migration of existing data sources and/or export of TypeIt data extremely easy.

Device support

Data entry anywhere
on all your devices

The TypeIt interface is built for use across
desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This makes
managing and updating your data
collections possible wherever you are.


Create, control and manage with ease ...

Data entry doesn't have to be a cumbersome process. TypeIt comes with an elegant front-end built on
the latest web technology and designed to give end-users an intuitive and uncomplicated experience.

Collection dashboard Overview of data collections
Add and edit entries Overview of data collections
Change monitoring Manage and revert changes
Collection overview Latest update, entry count and access
Collection configuration Manage user access and configure forms
Sorting & filtering Find the entries you’re looking for with dynamic filtering and sorting
Quickly add / edit entry Add or update entries - revert changes using the changelog
Audit changes over time Every change ever made is recorded in the changelog

A system designed
for easy connectivity

The TypeIt API makes integrations into your existing workflows and BI stack very easy.

Do data entry tasks directly in Tableau or handle ETL processes in Alteryx with prebuilt integrations.


Audit trail of your data revisions

Who changed what and when? Keeping track of changes is important. The TypeIt changelog will record all modifications to your data.


Complete log of any change ever made to your entries.


Revert changes with a single click.

User roles and access management

Use predefined user roles to easily enforce access rules and secure your data.


Maintain full control over who has access to your data collections.


Assign read, write or admin rights on a per user basis for each data collection.


Tableau writeback extension

To make data entry tasks even easier, TypeIt integrates with Tableau to allow for data entry directly in your reporting tool.


Enable Tableau action filters and all filtering actions will be automatically reflected in your TypeIt integration.


Integration directly into your Tableau Workbook (both Desktop and Server).

Powerful API built for seamless integrations

With the TypeIt API you don't need to worry about access to your data.
Authenticate and then extract, transfer and load away!


Fully documented API for easy integrations


Requests and responses in JSON format


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